Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Internet Company

Three Stars and Difrawi, continuing their tradition of lame generic company names, now operate as, among other things, "The Internet Company" (internet-company.com).

MyWot thread:
And Action 9 report exposing it:

Melanie Ashraf who can be seen in that report talking about the non-existent jobs she applied for, has since been the target of a small online defamation campaign on complaintsboard.com and ripoffreport.com. Most likely another example of Difrawi attempting to silence critics of his shady operations.

Melanie however doesn't seem to be the kind to take this lightly, and is determined to go after whomever is behind it. I wish you the best of luck. Either way you can always comfort yourself with the fact that Difrawi's search engine results will always be far worse than what he's thrown at you, and most of what's written about him is not lies but verifiable fact.